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cash and money transfer app on a phone

Foreign Exchange Money Transfers For Expats

With bank transfer charges, currency fluctuations and a myriad of ways to manage expat finances, dealing with foreign exchange and money transfers across borders can

Conviction Note 18%, deVere Group

Conviction Note 18%, deVere Group Review

The Conviction Note 18% from deVere Group gives expats the opportunity to make significant profits while cushioning the investment from risk. The aim is simple

man using an expat fintech app

Fintech Apps for Expats

Banks and finance houses design fintech apps for consumers, savers and investors living in one country but do not cater for expats making cross-border transactions.

P2P Lending Surges By 20% In A Year

Peer-to-peer lending platforms seem to be veering away from pooling funds from consumers in favour of taking money from  institutional investors. As the market matures,