Top 10 cities with the best yields for property investors


A look at cities across the world returning the best yields for property investors is filled with surprises.

The top 10, compiled by the Global Property Guide, has none of the expected big hitters, like major cities in the USA or Europe.

Instead, little Chisinau, Moldova, heads the table with a startling 10% yield – followed by Kingston, Jamaica (9.75%) and Jakarta, Indonesia (9.31%).

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, was the only African city to breakthrough in to the top 10 at 10th, with a yield of 8.57%

Bottom of the 83 city league were Taipei, Taiwan (1.57%) and Monaco (1.73%).

The usual destinations made the table, but failed to show spectacular returns – Singapore just made the cut at 76th with a yield of 2.94%; Paris was at 72 with 3.26%; Rome at 57 with 4.06%; London was at 53 with 4.31%; New York at 47 with 4.69% and Dubai at 23 with 6.89%.

The guide also reported house prices have fallen worldwide –  with over two thirds of countries (26) reporting drops in the first quarter of 2012, while only 10 reported a rise in property values.

Yields were based by comparing figures on 120 square metre properties.

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Top 10 cities for rental yields

 1Chisinau, Moldova


 2Kingston, Jamaica


 3Jakarta, Indonesia


 4Amman, Jordan


 5Kiev, Ukraine


 6Panama City, Panama


 7Santiago, Chile


 8Mexico City, Mexico


 9Metro Manila, Phillipines


 10Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Source: Global Property Guide June 2012

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