Would You Survive A Health And Wealth Check?

Lisa Smith, BA (Hons), CeFA

Experts have been saying for years that health and wealth go together and it’s no good having piles of cash if you are not fit enough to spend the money you have made.

But the sad truth is many of us shun good health by refusing to part with a few hundred pounds every year that would make sure our bodies are in good working order.

Few people blink at spending a £1,000 on a new smartphone and many fork out a similar amount each year for streaming TV services, but the same people cringe when asked to pay up to £765 for a three-hour health check.

Look after yourself and enjoy your money

That’s how much a full-scale medical costs at one of the plush Nuffield private health centres in the UK.

There are cheaper options – from £272 for a lifestyle medical, £343 for a female health check and £574 for a review that gives a complete picture of your health.

Nigel Green, the CEO of deVere Group, the world’s largest independent financial advice firm for expats, has long expounded the benefits of regular health and wealth checks.

“It might be we talk to clients about creating wealth but there’s no point in having a million dollars in the bank if you don’t have your health,” he said.

“I always believe you have got to look after both. Yes make money for your future but look after yourself so you can enjoy it.”

Three-step plan towards a better lifestyle

Green is encouraging his clients to check out the state of their own health and wealth with a three-step plan:

  • Have a professional check out your health and your wealth each year
  • Take the best advice you can afford, whether it’s wealth or health, make sure you have got the right person advising you
  • Most important of all, act on the advice

“Create wealth for yourself and create health for yourself. Do both because together they make an awesome combination ,” he said.

“Check your finances are on target and if your body is working as it should be. A check-up will help you with targeted results that explain why you should change course.”

Watch Nigel’s short introduction video below:

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