Asking Strangers To Crowdfund Your Life With Cash


Crowdfunding is not only appealing for cash online to fund business, but developing into a line of credit for lifestyle and charity projects as well.

Although most business investors have heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, other less familiar sites are raising thousands of pounds for individuals and charities worldwide.

You’ve Got Funds is an American site that lets anyone ask for money for a project.

Current appeals include a couple in the Ukraine asking for $40,000 to buy a flat. The appeal explains the family earn $750 a month, but the mortgage on the flat would cost $746 a month for 30 years.

Donors are invited to come and stay at the flat.

Billionaire hands out cash

Dad Ralph Moore wants $2,500 to help pay his daughter Carly’s way through college. The reward for offering funding is a thank you from Carly Moore.

One of the big differences about You’ve Got Funds from other crowdfunding sites is the appeal gets to keep all the money raised, even if the amount falls short of the target.

Other appeals ask for money to pay for weddings, trips overseas and hospital treatments.

Billionaire Donald Trump responded to a call for cash from Kate Towney through Fund Anything, who is giving her husband a kidney to help him survive a rare disease.

Kate asked for $3,000 to help fund the op and Trump donated the whole amount – while other donors have offered another $1,500 to help with medical expenses.

“I can’t personally thank him, but I am so grateful,” said Kate. “The thought that we can get through this with a new lease of life is so fantastic.”

Fairy tale rewards

The reward is a one inch tall clay sculpted fairy made by Kate.

In Britain, Just Giving is another of a new brand of crowdfunding web sites that concentrates on fundraising for charities.

Besides raising cash for good causes, Just Giving also has a ‘in memorium’ service that allows families to set up pages for deceased loved ones so friends and families have somewhere to make donations and leave messages.

Companies can also set up charity pages for staff to donate to causes – corporate sponsors include international business consultants KPMG and supermarket chain Waitrose.

Just Giving is also open to donors in Australia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Ireland.

More than 8,000 registered charities have giving pages on the web site.

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