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You only need look at the trillion dollar companies to realise investing in big tech can generate massive rewards.

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet are the pots of gold, but plenty of other tech firms are chasing the same rainbows.

The coronavirus pandemic has only seen them power to a position of greater market dominance as working and shopping from home has become the new norm.

This surge in growth has come with a surge in profits.

The Four-Year Innovation Fixed Coupon is a chance for investors share in the success of some of the world’s most profitable tech giants – and offers an exciting twit with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

  • Guaranteed 8.03% fixed interest a year paid as 2.75% a quarter
  • Autocall safeguards investor’s stake
  • Tracks stock market performance of tech titans Twitter, PayPal and Coinbase
  • S&P A-rated and backed by global financial advice leader for expats deVere Group

What is the Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon?

The Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon is a structured note with autocall that monitors how three tech stocks perform – Twitter, PayPal and Coinbase.

A-rated by Standard & Poor’s, the structured note is a two-in-one opportunity that protects the value of an investment while promising growth that exceeds returns from a bank account, three-year fixed deposit or government stock.

How your wealth could grow with the Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon

How your wealth could grow with the Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon

Smart investors understand making money is about balancing risk and return.

The Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon does this with a built-in autocall function that comes into play at the end of the fourth quarter after the strike date (July 16, 2021).

The autocall is designed to protect your investment by checking the value of each underlying stock every three months from the end of the fourth quarter until the coupon matures – which is four years after the strike date (July 16, 2025).

  • At the end of each quarter, should all the underlying stocks trade at 100% of their value on the strike date, the note matures and returns 100% of their capital to investors. Investors also keep any interest generated by the note.
  • If the autocall has not signalled an early redemption by the end of the four year term, a final call takes place. If the worst-performing stock is trading at 65% or more of the strike date value, 100% of their original investment is returned to investors.
  • If the note has not triggered an autocall by the end of the four years and any stock is trading below 65% of the strike date value, investors get their money back 1:1 against the worst performing stock.

That means if the worst performing stock is trading at 50% of the strike date valuation, then investors receive 50% of their money back.

Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon interest

The Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon pays a fixed 2.075% in US dollars or British pounds each quarter regardless of how the underlying stocks perform unless the autocall is triggered.

Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon stocks

Big tech stocks are here to stay and look like they will only grow bigger.

The Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon is based on big tech titans PayPal and Twitter while cryptocurrency giant Coinbase adds the innovation.

The note follows the stock market performance of these stocks for four years, and providing the autocall is not triggered, offers a guaranteed interest rate of 8.03% a year paid as 2.075% a quarter.

Here’s a look under the bonnet at the current state of the stocks.


Resurgent Twitter has hit the ground running with a host of new products and potential revenue generators in 2021.

Add to that a massive injection from burgeoning advertising revenues because of hordes of new users flocking to social media during the coronavirus lockdown, Twitter has soared past expect first quarter earnings.

Despite some share price volatility, Twitter appears a stable company with an improving user base.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange market leader that entered the market in 2012 – a lifetime for a business in the fast-moving world of crypto.

Coinbase went public on the New York NASDAQ in March 2021, but the share price has suffered.

But with 43 million users in more than 100 countries, Coinbase is well-placed to take advantage of any advances in the cryptocurrency world.


One of the household names of the internet that seems to have been around for years.

The PayPal numbers are phenomenal – more than 380 million users living in nearly every country in the world.

The decline of cash and the rise of digital payments as the world looked to minimise the impact of COVID-19 has helped sway the revenue coffers at PayPal in recent months.

And the bet is yet to come, says PayPal, projecting 750 million users by 2025 while eyeing the fintech space for further growth.

How to invest in the Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon

Investing in the Four-Year Innovation 8.3% Fixed Coupon is easy.

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