Young Adults Trapped In A Money Spiral They Can’t Escape


It seems most of us feel unfulfilled financially and despair they will never have enough spare money to spend how they like.

This despondent thought extends across all age groups, although young adults feel worse off than older generations.

Research by financial provider Aegon reveals that 43% of under 35s have financial blues, compared to 39% aged 45 to 54 years old and 32% of over 55s.

Money is also a worry for the 40% of under 35s who doubt their finances could cope with a major unexpected expense, while only 30% of over 55s feel the same way.

The company say a generational divide splits the young and older age groups, who have a more relaxed attitude towards money, financial stress and budgeting.

Limited options

Unsurprisingly, the older generation feel better equipped to handle their money and more financially secure.

But they do have a higher average income and more savings to provide a safety net most under 35s lack.

The younger generation also try harder to resolve their financial problems, but seem to have limited options about what they can do, says the research.

Kate Smith, head of pensions at Aegon, comments: “It’s concerning to see that the youngest generation in the workforce are not only struggling to get by financially day-to-day but are also unsure about how they could and should be planning ahead.

Financial stress

“Older members of the workforce are in general more likely to benefit from property wealth, higher incomes and savings as well as final salary pensions, while the youngest in the workforce may be feeling the pressure of lingering student debt and high property prices.

Smith praised younger adults and their employers for trying to ease their financial stress.

“It is reassuring to see that there is an awareness that the younger generation may be struggling with their finances but more attention needs to be given to improving the financial wellbeing of not only the younger age group, but workers across the board,” she said.

“Employers certainly have a role to play in ensuring that their staff are aware of benefits on offer, including their workplace pension, and are offered tools and support to help them deal with everyday money concerns and plan ahead for their financial future.”

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